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Family Camping...Montessori Style


If you were to ask any of our alumni families what they loved about the Children's House Montessori School of Reston, an overwhelming majority of them would tell you, among other things, that they loved the school community - the families, the friendships, the staff. What sets us apart from other schools truly is this community that we've built over the years - and that sense of community wouldn't be the same without our annual family camping trip.  It's on this trip that friendships begin between families, where bonds are strengthened between our students, and where alumni siblings get reaquainted with old friends and remember what it feels like to be a part of CHMS.

Each year we bring back old favorites like singing around the camp fire, sending the kids on a scavenger hunt, coming up with fun family cheers, the "store" run by the big kids, s'mores and banana boats (bananas stuffed with chocolate chips and marshmallows) over the camp fire, and lots of time to relax and enjoy the kids being kids without any of the distrations of everyday life. We rent a collection of cabins and have a community area to gather where the kids do many crafts, play soccer, play with bubbles, toy airplanes, and trucks. We enjoy delicious homemade meals and snack together in the dining hall complete with a full kitchen and tons of tables where we sit and watch the kids play with each other.

We often find something new that everyone loves - this year's favorite was the "Great Big Moose" song. And we almost always have something unexected and memorable happen like the bald eagle flying overhead this year, which was a truly amazing sight.

Please take a look at the video of some of the highlights from this year.