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Natural Playground Features


We love the outdoors and teaching the children all about nature throughout our curriculum and our environment. Our efforts to help children learn to love nature began with our gardening, hiking, and certified Schoolyard Habitat.  Over the past few years, we've thoughtfully created an outdoor environment where children can discover, relax, and learn through their interactions with the natural playscape features on our playground.

We have created spaces for the children to explore, dig, build, climb, be quiet and peaceful, and also care for the area where they play. The children love our playground. The benefits of natural spaces for play are numerous, including:

  • Children use their imagination more during play.
  • Children are more active during play when there are natural spaces to explore.
  • Because of the activities they choose to engage in, they tend to work on their fine motor skills during play in addition to the gross motor skills used on play equipment.

At a time when children are spending less time outdoors, we are proud to offer opportunities for them to learn about nature and connect to our natural world. We invite you to spend some time in our outdoor areas and observe the children at play. It is a beautiful thing to watch them learn and grow in their love and respect for nature.

Here is a great article on the Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature.