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Weekly Hiking at CHMS

"Let nature be your teacher"
- William Wordsworth

Children are curious about the natural world around them - and there is no better way to teach them about nature and natural processes than to take them to where they are surrounded by it and encourage them to explore and learn - climb over fallen logs, smell the flowers, listen to birds and frogs and crickets, examine lichen and fungus, search for forest animals and insects, turn over logs and rocks to discover things they've never seen before and talk about what they find.

Every Friday, we put on our rain boots and set out on an adventure into the wooded area behind our school. We have two teachers on each hike, which allows us to talk to the children in small groups about what we see and hear. Down the hill, through the stream, under and over tree branches we go in search of new discoveries.

Our hikes are one of the most anticipated events of the week at CHMS. We take a relaxing, leisurely walk and make frequent stops to learn about what lives in the woods and to search for signs of life in nature. When we can, we walk down to the stream to search for frogs, tadpoles, and minnows and the children love to stomp through the water and explore in their rain boots.

If you get a chance to take your child out into the woods this fall, ask them to show/tell you all about what they learn on our hikes. They'll thoroughly enjoy it and you will too!