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Implementing Montessori Education in Danang, Vietnam, by Ms. Marierose Hoang

It is now September 2015. The first Montessori class with 30 children is in full session and continuing well. The teachers clearly understood the Montessori methods, and sometimes devise new ways to communicate with and to share with the children. The children are happy and very much engaged in the different activities of a Montessori classroom. They developed good habits as taught by Montessori. Some parents came to the classroom, observed their children, and said that they saw a different child at home now.

With the success of Summer 2015, the plan for Summer 2016 is to have a follow up session with the past participants and a 2nd training session. At Thanh Tam, Sr Anna is planning to start, in the next two years, not only a Montessori class intended for children with developmental delays such as down syndrome, learning disabilities, and mental retardation, but also a class for underserved, disadvantaged normal children.

Sr Anna and I believe that Thanh Tam School in Danang, with continuous support, is on the way to becoming an authentic Montessori School for special needs children and in the process, realizing Maria Montessori's vision in believing that this method is the proper way to teach and lead the children at their early developmental age.

Sr Anna was very grateful of CHMS parents' and children's support this past year and is looking forward to building a continuing relationship and friendship with CHMS, not only from the financial perspective but also from an educational point of view. 

Vietnam is very much in need of an education reform and I cannot think of any other way better than trying to spread Montessori philosophy, one school at a time.

- Marierose Hoang

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