"Love Letters"

Over the years we have received many letters of appreciation from parents to the staff and to the school for their child’s experience while at Children’s House. I would like to share just a few of those with you here.  They are called "love letters" because I think that name shows the bond that develops between the families and the school at Children's House.  I never liked the word "testimonials," but I think "love letters" really does describe what the parents have expressed. 

Dear Children’s House,

We wanted to convey our gratitude to the Children’s House staff for all the hard work, dedication, and love that we experienced while our daughter was a student with you. Quinn has continued to build on the strong learning foundations that your staff encouraged, and she is still growing as a confident, thoughtful, and curious student.

While she attended CHMS, Quinn was joyful about beginning her school day every morning. At the end of the day, we would be delighted to find her smiling and ready to share new information with us. Sometimes, she would tell us stories of being a nature detective on your amazing playground, and other days, she might share facts about a country that she had learned about during circle time. Whatever stories she told us at the end of the day, we could always tell that she was better for having spent another day with Children’s House.

I also need to tell you that Quinn is not the only one who benefited from her time with Children’s House. Our family will be forever grateful for the learning we did while we were a part of your family community. You helped us transition from being parents of a toddler into parents of a school-age child, and your staff always had a smile and supportive words for us. We also successfully adopted the Virtues program you introduced us to into our family philosophy, and our parenting choices. It has been an enormous benefit to our overall well-being, helping us to be more aware of our blessings and more capable of handling life’s little glitches.

Although we will miss Children’s House, we will hold it in our hearts as a very special time in our family’s life. The little girl that showed up to Ms. Karen’s class on the first day has become an avid reader, unstoppable artist and works to show her love light in positive ways in her new school community. We are forever grateful for all the gifts your staff has given us to start our daughter off with the best beginning to her education.

With much love and lots of gratitude,

The Cho Family

Dear Keturah,

It is with so much emotion that I sit down to write this! It has been such a gift for me to watch you start as a small, 10 student school and grow to a two-classroom school! You do such amazing and wonderful things, and I am blessed to know you.

I will never forget all that you have done for my family, for me, and for my children. You gave John such a great start in life and I know he will never forget you. We will always be sure to find ways and reasons to visit and we look forward to hearing about the great things CHMS is doing.

Thank you, thank you for being part of our lives and for loving my children.



Dear Karen,

There are no words to thank you for guiding, teaching, and loving Cece the way you have these past 3+ years. You are a truly gifted teacher.

I have watched in sheer amazement your boundless energy, enthusiasm, creativity & patience, all of which have helped shape Cece into the inquisitive, joyful, confident girl she is today. We are forever grateful & will miss you immeasurably.


Jen, Marino, Cece & Nico Linardon

Dear Keturah,

I don’t know what to say or how to thank you for what you do every day. You give your time, you give your hands, but most importantly, you give your heart every day. That is what makes CHMS so special.

You should be proud of your great staff as well. Erika has grown so much from the little shy girl she started out as. Erika’s life is a canvas and the colors of her picture will be so much brighter for having experienced CHMS. She is a kind and caring child and I give all the credit to you. We will miss you so!

As we go into the unknown, I know that she will be fine because of the great foundation she received. I won’t say goodbye, but see you later.


Genelle, Kelvin and Erika

Ms. Keturah,

I can’t thank you enough for all that you and your staff do every day to make Children’s House such a special, wonderful place. Aliea has blossomed under your care – not just her mind, but her spirit, her character and her heart. It’s clear that she’s not only becoming educated in conventional areas, as well as in music, dance, language, yoga, and nature, but also in areas of self-respect, peaceful co-existence, and caring/sharing with others. The school offers a holistic learning environment that we haven’t seen replicated in any other school we’ve examined, either prior to or since Aliea enrolled at Children’s House.

All my thanks and best wishes,

Elise Liang

Children’s House Teachers,

We have been so fortunate to be a part of Children’s House Montessori School. Thank you for holding Liam’s hands and guiding him through the years. He has grown to be a happy, curious, entertaining little man. You have such a special place with an amazing group of people and we thank you for sharing all of your talents and gifts with us.

Liam says “Love the teachers!” and we do!

Deirdre Kavolius

Dear Children’s House Teachers and Staff,

Thank you very much for all your hard work and love this past year for all the children. Personally we know that Thomas loves coming to school and his many teacher and friends. He has come a long way since his first few days last year and we can tell how much he has grown and learned from CHMS. We appreciate all your hard work, especially the many things you do behind the scenes. We especially thank each of you for the kindness you have shown Thomas.

Thank you again,

Hale Brickhouse

Ms. Keturah,

Where oh where do I begin? I thank you for three and a half years of your dedicated love and guidance. When I was referred to speak with you when looking for a place to take Chelsea, I was told you were gifted. This I have found to be true. I feel so blessed to have had the privilege of having our Chelsea spend such quality time with you. She absolutely adores you and I understand why. What you have created there at Children’s House is oh so special. Each time I visit I have been impressed with how cared for the children are. How happy they are. Of course having said this does have me acknowledge my regret of not having Myles with the same opportunity. But then I remember everything is for a reason. What, we may not know, but for this I must trust and believe.

So again I say thank you for the wonderful times, for helping our little flower grow, giving her a safe space to create that which she has inside, for guiding her, loving her, nurturing her and all the wonderful children at CHMS.

Last, but not lease, thank you for employing such a gifted staff to support your dream and obviously one of your passions. We will stay in touch.


Jameliah Penfield