Our Program

At Children’s House Montessori School, our program is based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori, who believed that the purpose of formal education was to “learn how to learn.” This means that we:

  • Allow your child to make choices for his own learning, thus encouraging independence and self-initiative.
  • Respect each child’s uniqueness and in turn inspire each child to develop in his own way, to his fullest potential.
  • Provide an atmosphere that nurtures an early enthusiasm for learning and promotes your child’s work ethic.
  • Allow plenty of uninterrupted time for the children to work with the materials in their own unique way, independently or in small groups.
  • Foster each child’s curiosity and creativity by empowering him to ask questions, try new ideas, and think for himself.

the cylinder blockChildren begin at the age of three and remain in the same class, with the same peers and teachers, for three years. A sense of “family” is quickly formed in this safe and nurturing environment. As children progress through the three-year cycle, younger children aspire to imitate the older ones in their work and play, while older children have the opportunity to teach their well-learned skills to the younger ones. The third year, the kindergarten year, brings together all that the children have learned in this unique cycle of learning. Click here to learn more about our kindergarten program.

Our dynamic learning environment addresses all your child’s developmental needs: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. Children participate in “group time” activities each day, which foster a feeling of community and encourage cooperation. They receive individual instruction on the materials in the classroom throughout the extended work period. They spend time outside each day, and younger children spend part of their afternoon in peaceful rest. We create a non-competitive environment where children are always encouraged to do their best. Each child is measured only against his own progress. We encourage children to complete their activities rather than compete with others.

We have developed a nature-based curriculum at Children's House that teaches our children not only a love of nature, but a respect for all things.  It is a very important part of our curriculum, and includes not only classroom studies of plants and animals, but recycling, composting and gardening, nature hikes, and even a three-day cabin camping trip at the end of the year. Our Curriculum page has more information about our nature-based programs.

"I am truly amazed by how much Lauryn has learned in the last three years.  It’s so obvious her experience at Children’s House has inspired her love of learning and knowledge of the world around her.  Children’s House’s focus on nature and respect of the environment was one of the many reasons we enrolled Lauryn at the school and as each year passed, I became more and more impressed with the school’s commitment to that respect. ... I’m a bit of a nut about the three Rs at our house, so I’m glad it was reinforced at school.

Your weekly hikes and various lessons have really helped instill an interest in nature I’m hoping will stay with Lauryn throughout her life.  She can sit for quite some time and watch an ant just to see “what it’s up to.”  She will often watch the birds from our front window and point out their various colors.  I love that, in this fast-paced world, she takes the time to notice and find the beauty in nature."

-Kathy Arakaki, a Children's House parent

We understand that children are motivated from within by a natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Our joyful atmosphere encourages that natural curiosity to develop into a lifelong love of learning.

A Three-year Commitment

the world puzzle mapThe Montessori program, whether at our school or any other true Montessori school, is most successful when there is a three-year commitment from families whose children start with us as three-year-olds. The program simply depends upon the three-year age span to achieve the optimum learning experience. While we do not require parents to sign a contract for three years, we do expect families to choose Children’s House because they believe in the Montessori philosophy, understand the advantages of staying through the kindergarten year, and are willing to commit to a partnership with us to provide their child the best possible beginning to a successful school career. Click here to learn more about the kindergarten year.

After Children's House

Our sister school, Berthold Academy for the Gifted and Talented, is an excellent choice to continue your child's Montessori Education.  Located at 11480 Sunset Hills Road, just down the street from us, Berthold Academy is owned by Rodney Berthold, a Montessori educator in the Reston area for many years. From their website:

"Berthold Academy for the Gifted and Talented is an independent school serving elementary through middle school students.  Our educational philosophy not only is rooted in Montessori but also encompasses modern, progressive pedagogy, pyilosophy, and psychology.  We create a nurturning environment conducive to learning in which children have the opportunity to construct themselves in today's society while also building emotional and spiritual relationships.  Students will be free and responsible to search for truth and meaning while respecting the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  Our learner outcomes will reflect academic excellence, creativity, and self confidence."

We have a reciprocal agreement with our sister school, offering a 5% discount for the first year of attendance to families from Berthold Academy that enroll younger siblings with us, and 5% discount for the first year at Berthold Academy for our students that enroll in their school. 

Feel free to speak to us about Berthold Academy for the Gifted and Talented, or visit their website at http://www.bertholdacademy.com/.