Keturah Collins
Keturah Collins
Owner, Director, and Montessori Teacher
Birthplace: Manhattan, Kansas
Education: B.A. in Child Development, University of Alabama

Keturah is the owner/director of Children’s House Montessori School, and is the lead Montessori teacher in the Sunrise Room.

Keturah’s career in early childhood education spans more than 40 years. After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Alabama, she earned her Montessori teaching certificate from Montessori World Educational Institute in San Louis Obispo, California. In addition, she has served as a field consultant for interns taking their Montessori training, and has attended the Course for Montessori School Management at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York. She has been in the Montessori classroom for more than 25 years, and has worked in a “traditional” preschool setting for several years as well.

Keturah has been married to Henry Collins for 48 years and they have two grown children. Henry’s career in the U.S. Army provided the opportunity to live in Germany, Korea, and Norway, and travel extensively in Europe and Asia.  Keturah enjoys sharing these cultures and experiences with the children in her classroom. She also loves nature and teaching understanding and appreciation for all living things.

"Owning my own Montessori school was a dream of mine for many years that finally came true in 2003 with the opening of Children's House.  It is so satisfying to work with the families and staff that have been drawn to our special place.  It is obvious that each child, parent, and staff member brings their talents, creativity and love here, making me proud to be the owner of Children's House."

Helena Crick
Helena Crick
Assistant Director and Montessori Teacher
Birthplace: Northampton, England
Education: M.A. in Education and a B.A. in Child Development from Concordia University

Helena is the assistant director at Children's House and the lead Montessori Teacher in the Sunset Room. In 2004, she received her AMS Early Childhood Credentials from the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies (IAMS) in Silver Spring, Maryland. Helena also holds an MA in Education (Differentiated Instruction) and a BA in Child Development from Concordia University. Helena has served as an intern teacher trainer and consultant, school director and curriculum coordinator in the early childhood setting, and as a faculty member in the Education degree program at Columbia College. Helena recently joined the Children’s House family and has been excited to get back into the classroom and work once again!

Originally from Northampton, England, Helena considers herself a citizen of both the US and the UK, enjoying both sweet tea and a cup of tea, preferably in a china cup! In her spare time, Helena enjoys volunteer work with the 4Paws organization, traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

"My own educational journey truly began when I stepped into a Montessori classroom for the first time. Seeing children go about their individual tasks with confidence and joy made me want to know all about this philosophy of teaching. I wanted to know about the materials that the children used to enhance their learning and I wanted to experience the excitement of using those materials too! Most of all, I enjoy being a part of creating a community of young learners that are inquisitive, confident, kind, and who are excited about their school day. The Montessori environment is much like a mini community where different ideas are valued and everyone has a place in the group. If we consider that our classrooms are a home away from home then that sense of community begins in the classroom between teacher and student. Montessori teachers help to create an environment based on mutual respect and utmost confidence that the student will thrive. Every day at Children’s House Montessori School I see exceptional teachers nurturing and guiding each child to develop fully into the person he or she is destined to be. I am excited to be a part of the CHMS community!"

Marierose Hoang
Marierose Hoang
Montessori Teacher
Birthplace: Saigon, Vietnam
Education: B.S. in Business Administration, Berry College
MBA in International Business, University of South Carolina

Marierose Hoang is a Montessori teacher in the Sunrise Room.  After 25 years of working in the corporate world at AT&T, Marierose began her "semi-retired" job at Children's House as a part-time teacher assistant in 2006.  She loved this new second career so much that she decided to become certified as a Montessori Teacher at the Northeast Montessori Institute at Belmont Greene.  She has been with Children's House since 2005.

Marierose was born in Saigon, Vietnam and has been married to Lai Dang for 35 years.  Lai is a CFO for a joint venture company in Vietnam.  They have a daughter, Danielle, an MD resident at the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Jefferson Family Medicine Associates in Philadelphia, PA.  One of Marierose's goals in life is to be able to visit as many places as possible around the world and to share it with the children.  In her spare time, she also tutors autistic children in her home.

"Working with children at Children's House has allowed me to be a humble, growing person, one who is always striving toward my own potential.  I have gained and continue to gain a realistic knowledge of my own self and an understanding my capabilities and behaviors."

Zohra Shoaib
Zohra Shoaib
Montessori Teacher
Birthplace: Karachi, Pakistan
Education: B.S. in Science and Education, University of Karachi

Zohra Shoaib is a Montessori teacher in the Sunset Room.  She completed her Montessori teacher training in 2011 at Northern Virginia Montessori Institute in Ashburn, VA.  She has been working in the field of education for more than ten years and taught elementary school in Karachi before coming to the United States.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Zohra moved to the U.S. in 2006.  She is married and has three children.  She enjoys cooking and reading, and likes to learn about different cultures and languages.

“I love children, and watching them learn and develop each day is fascinating. I love my job, my little fellows, and my co-workers.  I feel honored to be the part of the Children’s House community.”

Asma Salman Usmani
Asma Salman Usmani
Montessori Teacher Intern
Birthplace: Karachi, Pakistan
Education: B.A. in Philosophy, French, and Economics, University of Karachi

Asma is a Montessori Intern in the Sunset room. She discovered her zeal for teaching many years ago when she dropped her son, now grown, at his first day of Montessori school in her hometown of Karachi, Pakistan. That was the beginning of a beautiful journey that has molded her into the person she is today.

Asma is currently attending Northern Virginia Montessori Institute in their early childhood credential program.  She has worked as a teacher’s aid in Montessori school in her home country of Pakistan, and as a Kindergarten teacher there, a position she loved and retained for many years. After moving to the United States January, 2015, she worked as a teacher at Kumon before joining Children’s House in June 2016. She is the newest member of our Family!

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Asma is married and has two boys and a girl. Hassaan is an accountant and Ayaan attends South Lakes High School. Maaham attends George Mason University acquiring a degree in Economics and Psychology. Asma loves the outdoors, and is an ardent traveler who has had the privilege of visiting various countries. She loves learning new things every day from the people around her.

“Maria Montessori once said, “Within the child lies the fate of the future.” I have always held onto these words dearly and used them as a guiding light to help me in my teaching career. My passion for teaching blossoms from my love for children. Their innocence and desire to discover are a few of the many reasons that I chose this career path. I have had the privilege of gaining experience from various prestigious educational institutions for nearly two decades from my home country, Pakistan. I hope to dedicate my time and effort here at Children’s House to help the children grow into intelligent, strong and independent individuals. For myself, I aspire to excel in the field of Montessori education, with the help of the wonderful professional staff and the children at Children’s House.”

Karen Disney
Karen Disney
Music Teacher and Special Events Planner
Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa
Education: B.A. in English, George Mason University

Karen (pronounced KAH-rin) is a former Assistant Director and Montessori teacher at Childen's House, and now serves as our music teacher and special events planner.  In 2002 she received her Montessori Early Childhood Credentials from the American Montessori Society following her training at the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies (IAMS) in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Karen has also served for several years as a consultant for IAMS, mentoring and evaluating interns who are in the process of becoming certified Montessori teachers.

Karen has been with Children's House since day one!  She has watched the school grow from a tiny ten-student classroom to the vibrant, loving community that it is today.

Originally from South Africa, Karen moved to the United States with her family in 1990. She has lived in the Northern Virginia area ever since and currently resides in Leesburg with her husband, Pernell, son, London, and twins Jillian and Miles. 

"Over the years I have been lucky enough to see inside many different schools, observe many different teachers, and visit many different classrooms.  I am luckier still to be a part of Children's House, which is, in my opinion, more than just a school, but an extended family and a community built on a foundation of respect, collaboration, energy, and love.  Helping children discover who they are, watching young families grow, and working on a daily basis with teachers who are dedicated, creative, and inspiring, are just a few of the reasons I look forward to coming to work each day."

Cinthia Drake
Cinthia Drake
Office Manager
Birthplace: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Education: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, George Mason University

Cinthia Drake is the Office Manager and Admissions Director of Children’s House. She worked for 3 years as an administrative assistant at World Wildlife Fund and 8 years as a Montessori Assistant Teacher at Montessori Country School in Herndon, VA, leading her to love the Montessori philosophy.

Cinthia was born in Sao Paulo, and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She came to the U.S. with her family in 1989 and married in 1992. She has two children: a daughter in college and a son in high school. Both of her children attended a Montessori school for pre-school and kindergarten. Cinthia is a movie aficionado, loves to read, loves to tell stories to the children and enjoys coloring for adults.

"One of the best decisions I have made as a parent when my children were very young was enrolling them in a Montessori pre-school and kindergarten program. As I became more familiar with the Montessori philosophy through my years of working as a teacher assistant, my admiration only grew as I explored the inner workings of this incomparable method of education. At Children's House Montessori School, I am fortunate to experience the Montessori environment I love so much in an amazing setting, surrounded by incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, kind and utterly professional Montessori teachers. It is a privilege to be part of such a committed and all-around awesome team of individuals."